About Kences

About Kences

Kences was founded in 1999 as a student housing expertise centre and alliance of student housing providers in the Netherlands. Kences’ members and partners represent 25 percent of the student housing market. They offer housing to Dutch students, international degree students, students participating in credit mobility programmes, and exchange students.

Student housing is a world of its own and requires specific expertise and a custom approach. Kences’ strength is that it concentrates the knowledge and experience of its members and partners in the field of student housing. Kences tracks trends in demand in higher education. Through its members and partners, it ensures that the Netherlands has enough suitable, affordable student housing available.

The members of Kences cooperate in the following areas:

The Board of the Kences Foundation consists of the managing directors of its members.

The current chair of the Kences Foundation is S.E. Deenen and the current vice-chair is A.F.R. Jochems. The director of the Kences office is D.J. Brink.

A chart showing the alliance structure can be found here.

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