Study in Holland

Study in Holland

Did you know that 1 in 10 students in Holland is an international student? Holland has more than 112,000 international students and that number is increasing every year. So why should you study in Holland? In about 100 seconds you will know if Holland is a place for you!

In Holland, students usually do not live on campus but have their own room. Even tough Holland does not have a tradition of on-campus accommodation, more and more universities offer on-campus housing these days. There are many options for arranging the accommodation that suits you best, but make sure you start looking for a room as soon as possible.

Finding good, affordable accommodation can be a problem in Holland. If you are in an exchange programme or on an international course, a room may be arranged for you. Consider accepting it immediately, or you might regret it later.

Make sure you check at your university whether they can arrange a room. They often have arrangements with student housing organisations such as Alwel De Veste DUWO De Key Idealis Lefier Stadswonen Rotterdam SJHT SSH& SSHXL WonenBreburg Woonbedrijf /Vestide and Woonpunt 

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